Small Business Saturday: LuRu Home


Welcome to Small Business Saturday, a new feature here on CreativeIncome. We recently got to talk to Claire Russo and Liza Serratore from LuRu Home about their business. These women founded LuRu Home in 2010 and have since become the ultimate authority on Nankeen dyeing. Nankeen dyeing is a traditional Chinese indigo hand-print process dating back 3,000 […]

Small Business Saturday: Realm


Welcome to Small Business Saturday, a new feature here on CreativeIncome. This Saturday, we are featuring Realm, a handmade textile brand created by Vanessa Crook. I chatted with Vanessa about her design process, what it’s like to run an online shop, and her love for textile arts. Q: What’s the first item you ever designed? A: I […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Business Skills For FREE!

A Creative Income guest post by Marie Segares, crochet and knitting blogger, designer, teacher at Underground Crafter and host of the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show.   As a creative business owner, you know it’s important to keep your skills fresh. But professional development can be expensive and the cost of ongoing training is often a […]

10 Ways to Customize your Business Cards That Will Blow Minds

While a good old-fashioned business card is still very important, there’s nothing wrong with a little innovation to make sure your company name sticks in the memories of people you meet at craft fairs. There are so many crazy cool ways to get your name and brand out there. We’ve compiled our favorite ideas below–check […]

Small Business Saturday: DropCatch


Welcome to Small Business Saturday, a new feature here on CreativeIncome. This Saturday, we are featuring DropCatch, a Chicago-based, handmande business specializing in magnetic bottle openers. I had a chance to speak with Joe Walsh, who cofounded the brand a little under two years ago with business partner Kent Frayn. He answered a few business-related […]

Handmade Selling: 5 Tips for Staying Positive During the Slow Times


As handmade business owners we often get consumed by worry about a lack of orders during slow times.  This can prevent us from growing and expanding, as well as creating an environment of negativity.  But there is a better way!  The following tips will help you maximize your potential (and profits) for your crafty company. […]

Schedule Re-Set for Peace and Productivity

Schedule Re-Set for Peace and

September seems to be the season of the start of new schedules. Even if no one in your household is going back to school this fall, the post-summer schedule reset is an opportunity to build new routines.   That’s why the September issues of magazines are full of tips for streamlining your mornings. You want […]

How To Deal with a Difficult Customer

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

The dreaded difficult customer. We’ve all had {or will have} one at some point. If you haven’t experienced this pitfall yet I’m sure you can imagine the heart-stopping moment when you spy the product review that tarnishes your perfect track record. Those 5 beautiful, golden stars are blemished for all eternity {or so you believe}. […]