Social Media Content Ideas You’ve Never Thought About

Social media - Walnut Hollow BTS

What do you usually post to social media to promote your business? Many creative businesses post about sales, new products, and events they’ll be appearing at, all of which are good pieces of information that your followers are probably interested in. But this kind of content isn’t going to build a solid relationship with your […]

How To Set Goals When Using Social Media


If you are using social media to promote your business, then you probably have already set some goals, such as reaching a certain number of followers in a set time period. But social media goals should go beyond the number of followers and sales. One of the biggest challenges I see facing businesses using social […]

The Six Most Useful Apps for Your Handmade Business


These days almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet computer.  Many of the popular applications can simplify your business’ selling, shipping, and social media posting.  Let’s look at five apps that can help you take your crafty company to the next level! Instagram The most popular new app is definitely Instagram. Everyone from crafters […]

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook for Your Crafty Business


Last year the popular social media network added active “hashtags” to posts.  This means that you can tag your posts and comments with searchable words that help your company get found- so cool!  Let’s look at how this new feature works and how to use it on your crafty business’ Facebook Fan Page. As […]

7 Ways to Build Your Business With Instagram

Have you considered using Instagram as a marketing tool for your creative business? Instagram currently has 75 million users and unlike some other social media platforms, you can post several times a day without annoying your followers. Ideas for Instagram Posts: Share offers and discounts – Fans of your work and products will want to […]

Breathe New Life Into Old Blog Posts With Pinnable Images

As craft and food bloggers know, Pinterest is an important resource for driving traffic to blogs. However, if you’ve blogged for more than two years, chances are that your old blog posts are riddled with horizontal photos. As all Pinterest users know, the pins that are shared the most often have similar qualities: Good or […]

Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Ah Facebook, it’s the place on the internet that everyone hangs out, whether they want to or not. Naturally, as a crafty business person or blogger I’m sure you have a Facebook brand page and are used to the constant changes and updates that Facebook forces upon all of us. Recently, with Facebook becoming a […]